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London Open Urban Datasets

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Datasets provided by City of Westminster – IoT Bay

1- Pedestrian Flows Dataset

2- Parking Sensor Dataset

3- Anti-Social Behaviour Dataset

4- Graffiti & Flyposting Dataset

5- Dog Fouling Dataset


Other London Urban Datasets Provided by:









Single Household Electricity and Air Pollution Dataset

The London Social Network Dataset

London Boroughs Population Profiles Dataset

Transport for London Datasets
Passenger counts
Travel origin & destination survey
Bike Stats
Oyster Card journeys

Annual Avg. Daily Traffic Flows, London 2000-2013 Dataset

Annual Volume of Traffic in London 2000 – 2013 Dataset

Vehicles entering c-charge zone in London Dataset

London Carbon Dioxide Emissions 2005-2011 Dataset

London Environmental Footprint per bourough Dataset

London Met Office Weather Sensor Dataset

London OpenStreetMap data extract

London Disability & Mobility Dataset

London 2012 Elections by wards, boroughs Dataset

London Diversity Dataset

London GCSE Results by pupil location Dataset

International Visitors to London Dataset

London Population Census Dataset

NHS London Spend over £25K Dataset

Small and Large Firms in London Dataset


Datasets will be hosted at a project by Atomic Data Labs to take complexity out of publishing device data and to enable citizen scientists to unlock the value of the data. Atomic Labs is a partner of Data Science London.

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